How to Date a Sugar Daddy

how to date a sugar daddyMy first year in the world of sugar daddy dating was certainly not as smooth as I had earlier anticipated. I went on multiple dates, got pampered and met a lot of men. While I liked a few of them, there were many whom I disliked. While navigating through the land of champagne, money and seduction, I learned a lot and would like to share my experiences.

According to me, entering this field without a plan is extremely difficult. There are many sugar daddy sites that can help you connect with the right person. However, the way you take things ahead from thereon will decide your fate. Here are a few tips that will guide you and ensure a pleasant relationship with a potential sugar daddy.

1. Money isn't the only criteria: There is no doubt about the fact that young women enter a sugar relationship because of money. Nonetheless, there are a lot of things that you will have to consider. Under no circumstances, should you allow a person who earns more to have an upper hand in the relationship.

2. Independence: I've met many sugar babies who got into a sugar daddy relationship only to clear their debt. In fact, they viewed sugar dating as a mere source of income. It is essential that you have a real job and don't just rely on your sugar daddy.

3. Be selective: Don't get into a sugar relationship solely on grounds of income. You need to analyze your requirements thoroughly and determine whether a particular individual would be able to fulfill those. There is nothing wrong in turning down someone you've met on a sugar daddy site.

4. Cracking a deal: Sugar relationships are all about mutual benefits. Being a sugar baby you should know how to negotiate. Sometimes, you'd even have to convey your needs directly to the sugar daddy. Explain your prospective sugar daddy why you are worth it and what you would bring to the table.

5. Do not develop feelings: Be very careful while getting into a sugar relationship with a married man. Do not develop any sort of feelings for him as it would lead to a very awkward situation, eventually leaving you disappointed. Bear in mind that most men you'd find on sugar daddy sites aren't seeking a long-term relationship.

Now that you know the tips and tricks of dating a sugar daddy, I hope you find a great man for yourself.

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