Sugar Daddy Answers 6 Brutally Honest Questions of Sugar Lifestyle

Because a growing number of women are interested in becoming sugar babies, we have spoken to a successful sugar daddy who is happy to share some of his thoughts with us. Here's his honest answers to our burning questions.

Sugar Daddy Lifestyle

1. Do you have to have sex with your sugar baby?

No, I have had platonic arrangements before and I met those women on sugar baby dating sites as well. In general, I only receive those sugar babies' photos and have video chats with them regularly. But I have to say that most arrangements that I've had involve real intimacy.

2. How much do you pay each sugar baby you are dating?

Now I'm dating three sugar babies at the same time. They have different functions. Sugar Baby A always attends dinner parties with me and she calls me her "gala daddy" because I'd like to show off this beauty whenever I go to a function. She has excellent conversation skills and a delightful personality, so she always gets along very well with new people that she's just met, which has definitely helped me with my career. I've met several powerful friends through Sugar Baby A. In contrast, Sugar Baby B is different because she is a very private woman. But she is extremely good in the bedroom. That's why I also like her. As to Sugar Baby C, she is so intelligent! I love talking to her. Sometimes we watch a movie together and discuss the movie for hours. I absolutely enjoy spending time with her. Oh, I pay each of them $4,000 per month, meaning my budget for this sugar lifestyle is $12,000 each month, which is okay. I love this luxurious lifestyle because now I can live my life on my terms.

3. What kind of women do you think are the best sugar babies?

In my opinion, a great sugar baby must have some unique selling points such as a very pleasant personality, outstanding communication skills, and so on. My favorite sugar baby has to be a sophisticated, wise woman.

4. Do you have any suggestions for sugar babies who have just joined sugar daddy dating sites?

First of all, you must proactive contact sugar daddies first because if you don't, other women will & there are a lot of competitors out there. But before that, you'd better choose at least two photos for your dating profile - in one photo, you must wear an evening dress because your sugar daddy needs to know that you will look glamorous when you attend important parties with him. In the other photo, you must wear a tight dress which displays your figure clearly so that a potential sugar daddy can see what your body looks like before meeting with you in person. Second, since many sugar daddy dating websites are free for women to use, you can join more than one sugar daddy site so that your opportunities can be maximized.

5. Does an arrangement have emotional connection?

Yes, it does. Actually, I only date sugar babies who value emotional connection because an arrangement is also a meaningful relationship. Those who think an arrangement is just a transaction are definitely, absolutely wrong. Seeing those women only makes me feel jaded. I think everyone on sugar baby dating websites must understand this key point. Otherwise, they won't be successful in the sugar bowl.

6. Would you consider marrying a sugar baby?

Previously, I didn't want to marry a sugar baby, but now I've changed my mind gradually because I can see that there are so many beautiful women in the sugar bowl. I guess I'll eventually meet a sugar baby who can meet all my needs, and then I'll surely marry her.

We really appreciate this sugar daddy's honest answers to our questions. If you also like his answers, please watch this space because we'll post more content like this in the future.

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