I Found My Sugar Daddy in Sydney

Sugar Daddy SydneyLast week I had lunch with my good friend April, and she told me she had found her sugar daddy in Sydney.

The first things I asked her were: why did she need a sugar daddy and, then, how did she find him?

April told me that since she graduated from University with a degree in Marketing Communications it had been hard for her to get a good job suitable for her qualifications. So, she decided to look for a sugar daddy in Sydney to help with her monthly rent and also give her some sort of allowance to help her with daily living expenses, as well as buy fashionable clothes.

Furthermore, April said that another reason for looking for a sugar daddy in Sydney is that she loves to travel. She decide that that if she could find a wealthy, well established man who might travel around the country, and sometimes internationally, for business and/or pleasure and take her with him, this sort of person might be ideal for her.

I must say that April is very attractive, being tall and with a good figure and, of course, a very nice personality. Still in her early 20s, I am not surprised that she would be popular with men who like to be sugar daddies, especially in Sydney where there are lots of wealthy men - and many with no time to date in the conventional ways.

The next big question, then, was how did she find a sugar daddy in Sydney with all the competition there must be from other young women in a similar position to her?

Well, April said she had tried several ways but found that using a specialised sugar daddy dating site aimed at the Australian market, and more so focussed on Sydney, was by far and away the preferred way to go.

With such specialised sugar daddy dating sites, there are plenty of choices for sugar babies to find their sugar daddies. In addition, there is little room for any misunderstanding as both the sugar baby and the sugar daddy know what they are looking for from the outset once they join such sites.

A final point April mentioned was that, by using an internet dating site, she could search and find a sugar daddy in Sydney without leaving the comfort of her apartment. No having to get ready and going to bars, clubs, restaurants or other meeting places hoping to find a sugar daddy - no, she can search online and start chatting with possible candidates almost instantly. And, even better, she can get to know them even before meeting.

As I left our lunch meeting, I wondered if I could find a sugar daddy in Sydney for me too!

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