What is a Good Allowance for a Sugar Baby

Once size never fits all when it comes to the size of allowance for sugar babies. Some sugar daddies give a big allowance because they value their sugar babies' contribution to their lives, whereas some sugar daddies give a small allowance as they also offer sugar babies other help such as job opportunities and business investment. What is a good allowance for you?

Sugar Baby Allowance

The first step is to clarify how much money you need to get from a sugar daddy (or sugar daddies). Write down three goals first. Perhaps you want to go to law school, buy a house and travel overseas once a year. Then calculate how much money you actually need to have. Looking at how much money you already have will help you to see how much extra money you should accumulate. If you have a job which brings you income at the moment, you can analyse how much extra income you really need now.

Next, you can be realistic and see whether you should date one sugar daddy at a time or more than one sugar daddy at the same time. If the gap between what you have and what you want is not big, dating one sugar daddy at a time is easier to manage. Nevertheless, if the gap between your reality and your dream is huge, dating multiple sugar daddies simultaneously is a great way to go. I'd like to give you a general idea in terms of allowance in the sugar bowl: In fact, allowance can vary - A recent survey shows that sugar babies receive from $2500 to $25,000 per month in the United States. As a result, the size of the allowance depends on who you are dating. If you are dating a billionaire sugar daddy, $25,000 per month is actually a small size for him, but that's probably enough for you. If you are dating an average sugar daddy, perhaps $2500 per month is the reasonable size. Therefore, you can evaluate the wealth of sugar daddies you are seeing at the moment - How rich are they? How much money do they want to give you? Then very quickly, you will figure out whether you should date one sugar daddy at a time or multiple sugar daddies at the same time, based on your needs.

Focus on what's beyond allowance. Once you've figured out how much allowance you should receive from your sugar daddies, you can begin to look at what else you shouldn't miss out on in arrangements. Actually, I recommend dating more than one sugar daddy simultaneously because you should never put all your eggs in one basket. Always remember to lower your risk. If one sugar daddy leaves you, you still have other sugar daddies in your life. Speaking of what's beyond allowance, you should totally look at your sugar daddies' network and start to build your own network because your network is your net worth in the long run. Try your best to make his connections yours so you will also have powerful friends who can help you with your career in the future. Apart from that, don't miss out on mentorship, career advice, business coaching and investment from your sugar daddies. These are just as important (if not more important) than allowance, because allowance is short-term gains, whereas what's beyond allowance is the long-term benefits.

A final recommendation. If you'd like to learn more about this topic, you can read a book called Ho Tacktics: How to mind-fuck a man into spending, spoiling, and sponsoring (written by G.L. Lambert). In this book, you will learn how to get a good allowance from sugar daddies with or without sleeping with them!

All the best in the sugar bowl and don't forget to measure the size of your allowance. Remember: If you have a vagina, you can't be broke.

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