Why There are More Sugar Daddies in Australia Than Other Countries

Sugar Daddy In AustraliaAccording to a recent study, there are many more sugar daddies in Australia than in other countries, although Australia has a relatively small population. In this article, the real reasons behind this phenomenon will be revealed.

Australia is one of the top countries in the world in terms of wealth, and men are leaders in almost every industry. According to a report released by the Credit Suisse Research Institute in October 2013, Australia has the second-highest average wealth per adult in the world. The report also states that Australia has a median wealth of US$222,000, which is the highest in the world and almost four times the amount of each US adult. The percentage of those with wealth above US$100,000 is the highest of any country (eight times the world average). Although Australia had a female Prime Minister a few years ago, this country is still mostly led by men in almost every field. That means Australian men are probably the richest men in the world.

In Australia, a man doesn't have to have very high status in order to become a sugar daddy. Based on our observation on a range of sugar daddy dating sites, many Australian sugar daddies are not CEO's or upscale business owners who have a list of companies in their profiles. In fact, a lot of Australian sugar daddies are engineers, managers, and so forth. That means as long as a man makes a reasonable income in Australia, he can afford to have a sugar baby easily, because most Australians are very well paid.

Australia is an open-minded country. You'll be glad to know that the Australian culture is very open-minded. People don't like to judge each other in Australia because Australians believe that everyone should have the freedom to choose whatever lifestyle they want, as long as the lifestyle is legal. Therefore, even if you tell your Australian friends that you are in a sugar relationship, it's highly unlikely for them to judge you. We interviewed some Australians before - they told us that they quite like the idea of having a sugar relationship because they like the honesty - no one needs to play games anymore.

Australian women love money, so when there is a demand in the market, the supply increases as well. You may wonder, “Who doesn't love money?” But Australian women probably love money much more than women in other countries do. That's because in Australia everything is very expensive - if you want finer things in life, you'll need to have more money. Honestly, all women enjoy two L's: labels and love; therefore, if an Australian woman wants to buy beautiful things for herself and get a generous guy to help her with that, she may choose to be a sugar baby so that her life becomes much easier and less stressful. When more women are happy to be sugar babies, of course more men will meet their needs.

Australia is a multicultural country where many ethnic groups prefer the sugar lifestyle. In Australia, you can see people of all ethnic groups: Caucasians, Asians, etc. Actually, a large number of immigrants choose the sugar lifestyle because they are probably even more open-minded than local Australians. For instance, many Chinese men are happy to be sugar daddies because that has been the unspoken trend in the Chinese culture since ancient times. If you walk in the street in Sydney, you can easily see so many wealthy Chinese men everywhere and a lot of them are sugar daddies.

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