Why You Should Go to Melbourne to Find a Sugar Daddy

Australia is the most prosperous country for sugar dating in the English-speaking culture because the percentage of sugar daddies and sugar babies in Australia is the highest of all. While Sydney has the biggest number of sugar babies, Melbourne has the largest number of sugar daddies. Therefore, you should go to Melbourne to find a sugar daddy if you want efficiency and quality.

Find a Sugar Daddy in Melbourne

  • In order to find quality, quantity matters. The reason why employers post job ads on Seek.com.au is because this website has the biggest traffic in terms of potential candidates - employers want to maximise their chance of finding the best candidate. Similarly, in order to meet the best sugar daddy, smart sugar babies know the importance of quantity. If you only meet a sugar daddy per month, you can only choose from 12 rich men per year. That's actually quite limited. In fact, a lot of sugar babies don't even have this number. However, if you go to Melbourne, you will meet at least 2 sugar daddies per week as long as you use one or two popular sugar daddy dating sites.
  • Melbourne is the capital of sugar dating in Australia. The political capital of Australia is Canberra; the economic capital of Australia is Sydney; the entertainment capital of Australia is Brisbane; the crime capital of Australia is Gold Coast... And most importantly, the sugar dating capital of Australia is Melbourne. Although Sydney is bigger than Melbourne, Melbourne has the best environment for sugar dating - This city is the best place for shopping sprees, as evidenced by Emily Power's book The Fashionista's Guide to Shopping in Melbourne (You may check it out if you want to know the pricing of each fashion brand). As a result, sugar daddies in Melbourne have the right resources to spoil sugar babies in the right ways.
  • The best places to meet sugar daddies in Melbourne. In life, you either wait or create. Switched-on women always know how to meet sugar daddies efficiently and proactively. They never wait for sugar daddies to approach them; they approach successful men under the radar! An amazing example is approaching established men in Montblanc store (Address: 175-177 Collins Street, Melbourne City). Remember that only wealthy men want to buy luxury pens and accessories at Montblanc - when they meet clients, their Montblanc business bags and watches tell clients their worth, so it's easier to negotiate; when a rich man signs a contract, he takes out a Montblanc pen and it says all. That's why you must meet millionaire men in a Montblanc store. You can easily ask a male customer in the store, "Do you know which pen has the best nib according to your experience? I'm thinking of getting one for my brother." Asking a question always makes a rich guy feel like a hero who can help you. Then you can use your conversational skills to keep him and convert him into a sugar daddy. You can learn more about this topic from G.L. Lambert's book Ho Tactics in which he describes this process in detail.

What are you waiting for? If you live in a small town in Australia, chances are you'll never get a rich boyfriend who can spoil you and make all your dreams come true. So, it's time to move to Melbourne and find a sugar daddy now. If you already live in Melbourne, you have no reason for not being able to get a sugar daddy. All you need to do is to join some reputable sugar daddy dating websites as soon as possible (before your beauty and youth go away).

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